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You begin Egoldbuddies with an initial one-time advertisement purchase worth $100 to qualify and earn UNLIMITED, shared commissions from our turn-based payline.
Egoldbuddies is a system in which all participants accept the terms and once their initial purchase of $100 is made, they are placed in the beneficiary line from which they receive $35 commission and $25 bonus each time their turn comes up and as long as they remain members. (All earnings are performed extrictly by E-Gold.)

Each waiting position acquired will initiate a
1x2 matrix and as the matrix fills, the position owner will receive commissions and bonuses. The matrices fill in order and can also be filled by your individual effort. 

Bonuses can only be spent. This happens automatically and when this happens, you receive additional positions in the wait line. You can always acquire additional positions in the line by means of new purchases.

If you are not participating you may still accumulate as much as $100 in bonuses which can be used to activate a second position in line if and when you decide to participate by making an initial purchase.

Once this is done, you will start to cycle and receive endless commissions of $35 and $25 bonuses, also 4% commissions and 2% bonuses from your cycling referrals based on your MegaTeams.net membership rank. (4 levels).

Your registration in Egoldbuddies includes registration into our sister site Megateams.net and having a paid membership there, will allow you to receive additional commissions and bonuses.

"Recruiting" others is NOT a requirement. The system is turn-based and everyone awaits his turn. Those that present the service to their friends, just move up in the line and receive more frequent payments.

MegaTeams members, do not need to register.
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IMPORTANT: Please use a reliable email service or you might not receive your email confirmation and your account will be deleted. Multiple accounts are NOT permitted.

Once registered, you will receive an email with your login information.

After receiving this information, use it to enter your account and you will be ready to make your initial advertisement purchase.

When you are ready to activate the service, don't forget to use my invitation information:

Account  :  MT111005/ Invitation : 1917


Enjoy E-goldbuddies and Success!!!


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